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Be confident that you are providing the highest level

of care to your residents and can prove it!

Above all, Aged Care Genie is a flexible and fully customisable system designed to meet the constantly changing environment all aged care businesses have to operate in both now and in the future. With ease of use and minimal user training, you can maximise staff productivity and ensure that details of all services delivered to your residents are fully accounted for and reportable on.

Aged Care Genie is a cloud based system,  allowing your staff to use their mobile devices to constantly record their daily tasks, and management to monitor workflow progress in real time.

For the business owner, the essential advantages of Aged Care Genie are twofold:

    · The information you need to prove you are meeting your regulatory  
     requirements is instantly available to you via a comprehensive reporting

      and alerting system.


    · The tasks and services you need to provide to your residents are fully    
     documented with your staff empowered to deliver these services in the most  
      efficient way possible.

The result is that you can be in the best possible position

to provide the levels of care to your residents which both

they and their families expect.


Aged Care Genie can be modified to meet your exact requirements and to match the operating environment your staff work in. Australian-based fast and reliable support is provided to all Aged Care Genie users on a 24 hour basis, and we assist all new users in getting up to speed as quickly as possible with on-site user training available as required.


Simply view the videos below for overviews on the Aged Care Genie Catering & Hospitality module (also at www.hospitalitygenie.complus our Nursing and Customer Care module.