The future for Aged Care providers is undoubtedly one of increased monitoring of activities, and statutory reporting requirements that must be met.


It will be essential that proof of regulatory compliance can be produced on demand, and that evidence that services that have been contracted for, have indeed been provided to residents.

Aged Care Genie enables all the above and much more! 


Whilst minimising staff time using the system, it allows you to record exact details of services provided to your residents and over a period of time you will be able to build up a valuable data bank of information that no other Aged Care system available now can match.

To survive in the industry, Aged Care providers will be required to change with the times so as to be able to provide their funders with the information they require about the care and attention given to customers and the meeting of statutory requirements.

Aged Care Genie is the solution for your information technology needs.


With minimal staff training and disruption to normal staff activities, you can now record details of all daily activities and much more, giving you for the first time the information you will need to survive in an increasingly competitive industry.

To best understand how Aged Care Genie can meet your needs, a free demonstration can be arranged at your location.